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Ah... we wish we didn't need them. ):


- When submitting art, please be sure it stays relevant to our group. Either furry or weed related please, but what we want is a combination of both. Please do not submit another artist's work, only your own. If you find a piece you love, you can add it to the group favourites!
- On the point of favourites, please don't add a crazy amount of favourites from the same artist. Try to spread the love around. Remember; weed + furry related.
- If you wanna move up to become a co-founder or whatever, just ask. You can note caerbear and we'll see if we have a position.
- And lastly, don't be flaming us for smoking pot. We seriously don't care about your views on this subject, because we are hardly on the fence about it. You're not gonna change our minds so fuck yall. And if anything, flamers just entertain us...


What are 420 Furs?

They are basically furries, or people who enjoy furry art, who simultaneously enjoy the recreational bowl or two.
The characters usually have qualities such as;
rasta colours, dreadlocks, piercings, sweet hats, trippy colours, etc.
We are harmless and fun-loving. In no way are we crack heads addicted to our substances. It's rude to assume that. ):

So now that you've read everything, feel free to join us!

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